I choose to express my everyday interactions within the universe as art. As a way to adapt to dyslexia, I have utilized visual expression since childhood. Most people categorize my art as surreal. I have always been interested in art as a way to illustrate my thoughts on interpersonal harmony, an expression of peace. My goal is to reach levels untouched by my predecessors as the greatest artist I can be.


I set out to leave a mark in the art world with each work. Through acrylic paint, doors, canvases, and the brushes necessary, each project I complete adds to my skill level and inspires another. I implement color theory, composition, perspective, and texture in a way to keep my style progressive. Trees are often powerful focal points in my paintings. These subjects allow me to depict feelings through inanimate objects and are an organic platform to my ideas.


Currently I am developing work involving more colors and contrast in order to create a strong mood of loneliness while providing serenity. I have moved out of dull tones and a somewhat grey period, in order to show more diversity. I now incorporate more vast colors as a way to expand my palate and have a stronger effect in viewer reaction, in relation to the emotion, composition, and story within. Ideas for my paintings have been stimulated by cities and places I have lived. Experiences in great surroundings like Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Dallas, and Scottsdale stand out in my work. Another major influence in my career has been my professor, Robert You. He has continuously provided unique perspective on my technique. Some of my pieces are inspired by Rembrandt- the master of light, Salvador Dali- the master of surrealism, and MC Escher- master of perspective. Once I reach their level of creative ability, I will feel validated through my efforts.